Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fully compatible with and support the collection of Thunder Win7 new trial

With more than 5.8 Thunder 5.9 upgrade, but we regret that there are some 5.8 features are still not a smooth transition to the 5.9 up. Meanwhile, the popular trend in Windows 7, today intensified, Thunder must be achieved "with Windows 7-compatible", and then developed with the corresponding features. In addition, for many browsers, it should also provide a better Thunder "native support." Fortunately, with the release of new version of Thunder 5.9, these features have already been resolved. A fully compatible with Windows 7

Security light, performance, digital home, multi-touch, unified hardware, network and opening up, virtual operation, the file library and other features, enough to make Windows 7 captured the hearts of many users. As a good download tool, Thunder must be provided with compatible features. The release of the new Thunder did not let us down.

In the first install and run the Thunder, it will pop up the window shown in Figure 1, requires us to set the default download folder, and prompt us to "build the library in Windows 7 Thunder download." After the opening shown in Figure 2 as long as the "library", you can see the "Thunder download" folder. So that we can use the Windows 7 in the library functions to manage, search for Thunder download the relevant information.


If the first does not create a database in Windows 7 Thunder download, you can also select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", click on the left of the "task default properties" tab, you can see on the right "to establish the library in Windows 7 Thunder download "check box, select the can.

In addition, the new version of Thunder 5.9 also fully supports Windows 7 Toolbar JumpList function (Figure 2), as long as the Thunder right-click the toolbar window can, in addition to access to the most recent three new tasks, you can also use the Thunder most common features, easier to use.

Second, the new collection features

Although search engine is easy, but very often, we hope that our resources can be downloaded at any time for us to use. Thunder to provide similar services, you can download the resources for the preservation of our online, to use at any time to download.

Thunder 5.9 also adds new "Favorites" feature, we can right-click the downloaded resources, select "Add" command or simply click "Add" button (Figure 4), you can save their favorite content to the network , ready to download and share with others.

Third, to strengthen and "offline Download" Integration

Offline download, also known as offline download, is a network of alternative high-definition era. I believe we have to understand offline download, it can solve the energy waste, electromagnetic pollution and other issues, easy high-speed download. Thunder is a new version 5.9 has been enhanced with the "off-line to download" The integration (Figure 5), this operation can be better off to download.

Quick question

4, New Boss Key

Recently, the "boss key" word has become popular. Boss Key is used against the boss (or boss, parent, girlfriend or other person) as long as the press of a button, can make their own ongoing do not want to be seen any of the content disappeared in an instant without film without leaving a trace, protecting your privacy. Now the software is also very intelligent, have provided the boss key feature. Thunder 5, also provides similar functionality, so you can at any time for our "quick Disembarrassing."

Select "Tools" 鈫?"Configuration", click on the left of the "Common Settings" tab, you can see on the right "to enable the boss key" check box, then press the appropriate button to set the boss button (if not recommended with the default Alt + D).

Note that the boss key is to open the key, press a hidden, press again will resume. So do not use the default Alt + D key, which is more easily discovered by the boss.

5, support for more browsers

I am sure the Microsoft monopoly case must be heard, but also let us know more browsers. Thunder the previous version 5.9 is not able to "native support" outside the browser in addition to IE, is very much a regret. Thunder is a new version 5.9 solved the problem, in addition to support for IE, but also support Maxthon, Firefox and Opera browsers. We can choose the "Tools" 鈫?"browser support" command from the row selection (Figure 7), so you can let us do not change the browser and change the browsing habits of the premise, enjoy high-speed download Thunder 5.9.

Overall, the new Thunder 5.9 has achieved Windows 7's fully compatible with, and provide Windows 7 features, while also increasing the collection of new features, support for the boss key, and also to support more browsers, worth downloading update and try. I believe the download will become a weapon!


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